What we're all about

At Nomeco, we distribute and trade medical products that are totallty aligned, and consistent, with the products from the Danish Medicines Agency at www.medicinpriser.dk. We can also offer a broad portfolio of non-pharmaceutical products (we call them non-pharmacy-reserved-products and over-the-counter (OTC-products) and free trade goods) plus some veterinary products and non-registered medicines. 

Our legal basis is a section 39 permit under the Danish Medicines Act, which is also called a Good Distribution Practice or in a shortened version, GDP permit. What this does is it gives us legal rights to wholesale of distribution of medicines. You can see the applicable permission here.

On that basis, we are continuously under regular inspection by the Danish authorities to make sure we're doing things by the book, following all the rules, including Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Furthermore, all our employees who come to the pharmacy are subject to a duty of confidentiality in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prices, discounts and payment terms

The pharmacy purchase prices (in Denmark called AIP), for pharmacy reserved medicines only, can also be seen at www.medicinpriser.dk. But if you go to our site on Service Solutions you will be able to see the AIP on other items and products. 

The terms of payment ranges from cash-payment to a credit that's due sometime between now and 45 days (or maybe a week plus 57 days) from the time of delivery. The terms of payment are agreed between the pharmacy and Nomeco - sometimes we might want to check if your pharmacy's financially solid.

We also have the option of providing cost-justified discounts on pharmacy reserved products. See current discounts here. There is no limitations to the trade terms and conditions.

Order Placement

Nomeco provides an extensive array of electronic self-service solutions. We strongly encourage pharmacies to utilize these solutions for tasks such as accessing product information and placing orders.

Orders can be submitted to Nomeco electronically or by contacting Nomeco's customer service via telephone or fax.

Regular deliveries

We ensure the delivery of your pharmacy-retained medicines once a day, from Monday to Friday, and we offer the possibility of Saturday delivery as well. In Denmark, pharmacy-reserved medicines are delivered free of charge. However, if your pharmacy does not have established daily deliveries from us, a handling fee of DKK 750.00 may be charged.

As a pharmacist, it is essential that you ensure that our daily drivers have unhindered access to your goods reception area to facilitate optimal delivery conditions. Our objective is to arrange deliveries according to the following guidelines:

  • All goods will be delivered in a designated room or area

  • The stacking of boxes is limited to a maximum height of 5

  • Deliveries are organized based on the labels on each box

Urgent deliveries

If you require urgent delivery of pharmacy-reserved medicines, we can accommodate this request (please note that this service is only available in Denmark, including bridge-fixed islands). In exceptional circumstances, urgent deliveries may be subject to an additional fee of DKK 750.00 per delivery.

Returns and credits

For the return and crediting of pharmacy reserved medicines, the following applies:

  • Medicines that are no longer active in the tariff or have expired will be credited only if the supplier compensates Nomeco for the full amount. Typically, products can be returned only to the specific wholesaler from which they were purchased.

  • The return of pharmacy-reserved medicines that can still be sold must be arranged in consultation with Nomeco and in accordance with applicable discounts. Products eligible for return and re-sale must have a remaining shelf life of more than six months.

  •  Refrigerated products will, in general, be accepted for return only with prior approval from both the supplier and Nomeco, provided that the pharmacy can demonstrate that they have been stored in a cold unbroken chain.

  • Both the pharmacy and Nomeco must comply with the relevant regulations outlined in CAP 30, which define limitations on the number of packages for returns. These regulations are described in Section 32 of the Marketing Government Act and are established by the supplier. 

  • The pharmacy is required to complete one return document per box of returned medicines and must sign the document to confirm that the storage and handling of the products at the pharmacy, have been in compliance with the specific storage conditions for each product. 

Note: It is important to note that there is no right of return for non-pharmaceutical products, medical products specifically procured for individual pharmacies (if it is not within Nomeco's range), unregistered specialties (IRS), and liberalized veterinary drugs.


Manufacturers bear full responsibility for the quality of their products, including addressing any quality-related product complaints. If you wish to report a complaint regarding a medical product, please complete the relevant form, which can be found on our Service Solutions platform. For delivery errors, please contact our customer service instead.

Please note that there is no right of return for non-pharmaceutical products, products specially procured for individual pharmacies (if not within Nomeco's range), unregistered specialties (IRS), and liberalized veterinary drugs.

Price crediting

In the event of a price reduction on stocked pharmacy-reserved medicines, we will reimburse your pharmacy if the supplier provides us with full compensation. Nomeco processes compensation based on the stock file received from the pharmacy's IT system, in alignment with price changes and fluctuations. Your pharmacy will receive the price compensation after we have received payment from the supplier.

Customer service

Please be aware that our customer service records conversations when you call. If you prefer not to have your call recorded, simply press 5, and the conversation will not be recorded.