Business data and market insights are key components when optimising sales, production and distribution to meet the fluctuating market demands. Information and transparency in the entire distribution chain are vital if backorders or surplus production must be avoided.

Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers four different levels of information exchange.

Standardised status reports

Standardised status reports in PDF-format are a standard component included in all our services. Reports can be distributed via email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


NOWA is our web-based business data solution. With NOWA, you get a detailed view of Nomeco's data warehouse and you can easily create personalised reports that meet your exact demands. NOWA gives access to data that covers the entire supply chain - including data from the central warehouse, wholesale and data related to export and retail sales. With NOWA you are better equipped to respond quickly and more accurately to the changing developments in the market.

File integration

File integration gives you full insight into our data warehouse through the company's own standard software (e.g. SAP, Oracle). The integration includes transmission of a raw data file, which is carefully adjusted to the internal systems of each client.

Data integration

Data integration in real-time ensures the highest level of data exchange. In this case, the Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' operational systems are directly connected to the internal systems of our clients via a middleware platform. Hence, offering real-time access to all information.


If you want to know more about our Business Intelligence solutions, please do not hesitage to contact our sales team.

Lennart Diernisse McGregor
Sales Manager
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Lennart Diernisse McGregor