Are you new on the Danish market, and do you want to sell your products in the pharmacies, then Nomeco is the perfect partner. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, Nomeco, as a product-neutral partner, manages the pharmaceuticals, that have an approved marketing authorisation from The Danish Medicines Agency. The Danish Medicines Agency updates the product range every 14 days.

With regards to over the counter products (products that are not considered pharmaceuticals), we decide, which products will be added to the product range.

Large product range

Nomeco is a full-range wholesaler, delivering all pharmaceuticals and other products requested by pharmacies and hospitals in Denmark. Our product range consists of more than 15,000 item numbers of which 7,000 are human pharmaceutical products, 800 veterinary pharmaceutical products and approximately 7,000 are free market products, including dietary supplements, skin care products and personal and hygiene products.

In addition, we have unregistered medicines (IRS) in stock. IRS are pharmaceutical products not approved in Denmark, but can be prescribed by doctors with permission from the Danish Medicines Agency. 

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If you are a supplier new on the Danish market, feel free to contact us to learn more about how to get your products on the market.