Enhanced Real-Time Insights

In addition to our monthly reports, we provide comprehensive and instantaneous access to all sales and stock data pertaining to your products through the web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution, NOWA. This ensures you remain consistently informed about your business, enabling swift and precise responses to market developments.

NOWA facilitates access to data concerning stock levels and sales of your products via Nomeco Wholesale. This includes updated stock statuses and sales figures to pharmacies categorized by business modules, as well as individual-level sales to hospitals. All this information is consolidated within the same program and is accessible online 24/7.

The system is user-friendly, requiring minimal training and involvement of IT resources for implementation.

If your products are also housed within Nomeco Pre-Wholesale, you'll gain a consolidated overview of sales and stock data applicable to both wholesale and pre-wholesale operations.


Contact us

Would you like to know more about NOWA and the access to the sales and stock data, please contact us at hclsales@nomeco.dk.