Outsourcing marketing materials to the pharmacy

Logistics is our core competence. Therefore, there is no reason to hassle with distribution yourself when we can do it for you. It is easy, convenient and flexible. Nomeco can provide a complete package of tasks, including providing packaging, etc. Or we can just manage the distribution itself. You decide.

We handle håndterer all types of marketing materials

The task can be samples, gift bags, brochures or other materials that are distributed to consumers. It can be posters, exhibition materials or other promotional materials, that create awareness of the product in the showroom. Or it could be informational materials, samples or other for the healthcare professionals.

We deliver to all professionals

We can distribute to all professionals and institutions within the health care field in Denmark. We already have daily transport of products to most of the country's pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, and we regularly send mail to the country's doctors.
Distribution of your materials will partly take place with our own cars, and partly through our advantageous distribution agreement with Post Danmark. That means, that we are very competitive in our prices.

If you already have complete overview of the task (scope, shipment weight, size, etc), then you can fill out this form and send it to us – then we will get back to you with the price.

If the task is not entirely clear yet, and you need help to determine the complexity of the assignment, then feel free to contact us. Together, we can find the best possible solution.


If you want to know more about BoxDrop, please contact our sales team.

Vani Sharma
Key Account Manager
+45 2913 9044

Vani Sharma