Nomeco HealthCare Logistics offers a wide range of services within healthcare logistics. Our services are strategically important to our customers, and we therefore strongly emphasise the need for having depth and expertise within each of our service areas to ensure the best quality possible. You can find further information about our services down below. 


One of Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' core services is the Central Warehouse. With a central warehouse solution; inventory, customer service, and parts of the finance function can be outsourced dircetly to Nomeco.


Nomeco HospitalService specializes in managing and integrating a secure supply chain for Nordic hospitals. We offer industry distribution beyond Denmark's borders and have extensive experience in developing flexible solutions tailored to each individual product while fully complying with GDP requirements.

Clinical Trial Supply Management

Nomeco's CTSM concept (Clinical Trial Supply Management) covers all the services necessary to manage the storage and distribution of clinical trial materials. This typically includes trial medication and patient documentation - i.e. envelopes with trial codes.

Business Intelligence

Market data and market insights are key elements when sales, production, and distribution need to be optimized to meet the increasing demands of the pharmaceutical market. Reliable information and data throughout the distribution chain are necessary to avoid backorders or overproduction.

eLMK - Pharmaceutical Samples 

Pharmaceutical samples can be a necessary information- and marketing activity whilst also being an important part of the information that pharmaceutical companies offer to employees in the healthcare sector. eLMK is a solution we have developed to support the handling and distribution of these samples. Through the eLMK portal, companies have easy access to six different functions: order placement, approval, picking and packing, shipping, registration, and statistics.


Logistics is one of our core competence, so there is no reason to struggle with the shipping tasks yourself when we can do it for you. BoxDrop is about the distribution of your marketing material - it applies to branded goods, medical equipment, and OTC products.

Nomeco Warehouse Site ONE 

Site ONE opened in 2019 and it is the largest and most automated warehouse of its kind in Northern Europe. With over 60,000 pallet spaces and state-of-the-art efficiency, quality, and safety, the warehouse is the safe choice for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as suppliers of medical devices and other products for the healthcare sector.


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Søren Vesti Esbensen