At Nomeco, we specialise in healthcare logistics. We are a pharmaceutical wholesaler, distributor, and service partner for the pharmaceutical industry. This means we are a central player in the extensive supply chain that ensures Danes get the medication they need, when they need it.

We focus on creating valuable partnerships based on security, high ethics, and trust with our customers, clients, and partners, evolving alongside the market and authorities.

Two divisions – collaborating across

Nomeco is divided into two divisions. One serves as a wholesaler for Danish pharmacies, while the other functions as a warehouse and service partner for the pharmaceutical industry, supplying Danish hospital pharmacies. 

We have specialists in both divisions, all with expertise in their specific areas. However, we also work together daily, united in the goal of being the preferred partner in healthcare logistics.

The wholesaler has offices and warehouses in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, and Aalborg, while HealthCare Logistics operates from the headquarters in Copenhagen and a large, automated distribution centre in Køge.

A Danish company – but part of an international family

Even though we are a Danish company, founded in Copenhagen and still headquartered in the capital, we are part of something much larger. We are a part of the family-owned German company PHOENIX group, represented in 29 European countries, making them the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Europe.

This means we have a solid and international sparring partner to help us gain broader insights into optimising our business, services, and logistical setup here in Denmark, ultimately creating value for our customers, clients, and partners.