Nomeco has three distribution centres in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. From here, we supply pharmacies in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. The strategic location of our centres ensures that all pharmacies can be reached within two hours.
We are a wide range wholesaler, and we deliver those products that the pharmacies need. We stock all pharmaceuticals that are approved for the Danish market. Nomeco wholesale is product neutral and our stock is based on the pharmacies’ demand.

Purchasing products

Nomeco wholesale purchases all products that are in demand at the individual pharmacy. This allows us to have a partnership agreement with nearly all pharmaceutical suppliers on the Danish market. Nomeco wholesale receives products from companies either directly from production or from their central warehouses.
A great deal of shipments come from our own pre-wholesale warehouse (Nomeco Healthcare Logistics), where many pharmaceutical suppliers have chosen to place their warehouse. From here, the products are distributed further to wholesalers in Denmark and other Nordic countries

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