Nomeco operates three distribution centers located in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. These centers serve as the logistical hubs for the supply of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies across Denmark and the Faroe Islands. Our distribution network is characterized by its efficient geographic placement, ensuring that all pharmacies can be accessed within a mere two-hour timeframe.

As a comprehensive wholesaler, we are dedicated to delivering a diverse range of products tailored to the specific needs of pharmacies. Our extensive inventory includes all pharmaceuticals that have received approval for the Danish market. Notably, Nomeco Wholesale operates with a product-neutral approach, maintaining stock levels that are aligned with the demand expressed by pharmacies. This commitment to demand-driven inventory management is central to our mission of providing optimal support to the pharmaceutical industry.

Product procurement

Nomeco Wholesale acquires products that are in high demand by individual pharmacies. This approach has facilitated partnership agreements with nearly all pharmaceutical suppliers operating in the Danish market. Our procurement process involves the direct receipt of products from manufacturers' production facilities or from their centralized warehouses.

A significant portion of these product shipments originates from our proprietary pre-wholesale warehouse, Nomeco Healthcare Logistics, which has become the preferred storage location for many pharmaceutical suppliers. From this hub, products are efficiently distributed to wholesalers across Denmark and various other Nordic nations.

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