As Denmark's leading pharmaceutical wholesaler, we ensure the delivery of medicines and other pharmacy products to pharmacies across Denmark. We achieve this through our integrated logistics solution, which we have developed in collaboration with the pharmacies and we call it VMI2. This solution manages product ordering in an intelligent manner. Additionally, our logistics setup consists of specialised consultant teams and dedicated colleagues in operations, who pack and deliver the products every day. Around the clock, all year round.

Nationwide – and North Atlantic – Logistics 

Our logistics setup is the core of our business, with warehouses in Copenhagen, Odense, and Aarhus. This enables us to deliver products to our pharmacy customers every day throughout the country – and we also ship products to the four pharmacies in the Faroe Islands. Additionally, we supply medicines to Danish hospitals as well as hospitals in Greenland.

More than just a 'mover of goods'

Traditionally, a wholesaler is the intermediary that moves goods from A to B. But we are much more than that.

We form partnerships with our pharmacy customers. This means we actively participate in our pharmacy customers' daily operations by maintaining ongoing dialogue and fostering close relationships. We can do this because we are physically located close to the pharmacies – we are always nearby and can easily drop by the pharmacy.

These close relationships are crucial for us to (further) develop the services we offer and to maintain a transparent and trustworthy partnership.

Read more about how we work with the partnership approach under the menu 'Partnership with Pharmacies'.