Nomeco’s purchase department handles the purchase of pharmaceuticals and over the counter products at Nomeco related to resale to private and hospital pharmacies. It is the purchase department's responsibility to ensure that we always has the products in stock that are requested by the pharmacies.

If you have questions related to stock, delivery, product information, etc, please contact the purchase department by e-mail at indkoeb@nomeco.dk.


Processing of incoming invoices is handled by Nomeco's credit portfolio.

Do you need to send an invoice to Nomeco wholesaler, then it must be sent electronically via EDI. If this is not possible, the invoices can be sent as PDF by e-mail to invoice@nomeco.dk.

Common to both approaches is that each file must contain only one invoice.

To ensure consistency between the invoice issued and the applicable price at the time of delivery, the invoice date must be the day on which Nomeco wholesaler receives the invoice. This prevents the situation where the price has changed in the time between invoicing and delivery date.

Return and crediting

The sale of pharmacy-only drugs is available via a public tender, where you, as supplier, can change the purchase price for pharmacies every 14 days.

The 14-day tender period ensures competitive pricing with frequent fluctuations in the price and demand for pharmaceuticals. Private pharmacies must, as a rule, offer the cheapest version of similar drugs. This results in frequent fluctuations in the specific pharmaceuticals that are sold, and a frequent return of pharmaceuticals.

Nomeco wholesale has the logistical infrastructure that is necessary to ensure an efficient handling of the frequent adjustments in price and returns, which is the result of the Danish price setting model. Nomeco has agreements with suppliers of pharmaceuticals to manage the price adjustments and returns. Moreover, on behalf of the suppliers, Nomeco wholesale facilitates the agreements, which the suppliers have signed with the pharmacies regarding the handling of price adjustments and returns.