Our fundamental task is to function as a pharmaceutical wholesaler for Danish pharmacies. This means ensuring that pharmacies have the medicines and other pharmacy products needed by the local community.

But we are much more than just a 'mover of goods'.

We do not see ourselves and the pharmacies as two separate entities, where one places an order and the other delivers. The collaboration between us and the pharmacies is a partnership focused on creating real value for our shared customers – the individual Danes who need medicine or other pharmacy products.

We are equals in the relationship, which means we understand each other's business and are fully aware of the benefits of the partnership.

What does the partnership look like in daily operations?

The partnership approach is expressed in several ways – we would like to highlight three of them here.

Specialised staff for all pharmacy units: A dedicated team including a designated contact person, fixed VMI consultants, and a customer service team always ready to receive inquiries are familiar with each individual pharmacy. Everyone on the team possesses deep knowledge within the pharmaceutical and pharmacy realms, making them a strong partner in day-to-day operations.

Everyone is treated equally – but receives tailored solutions: All pharmacy customers are offered the same services, but what makes sense for one pharmacy may not necessarily provide value for another. Therefore, each pharmacy only receives what they need. In addition to services, we also offer several events throughout the year that create value for employees, future pharmacists, and current pharmacists.

Sustainability is a shared responsibility: It is crucial that we take responsibility for the environment and society, and therefore, we strategically work with sustainability. We do this by offering long-lasting solutions to the pharmacy – such as digital goods receipt – and we have a particular focus on reducing waste. However, we cannot make a difference alone; we have our pharmacy customers with us on the journey towards a future-proof society. Read more under 'Sustainability'.