Value-creating partnership

Nomeco Hospital Service offers a range of value-creating solutions and concepts, all of which reflect the needs that pharmaceuticals often have. Based on our experience it is necessary to handle everything from pallets to flexible customised solutions. 

Every day, we strive to be innovative and proactive in all aspects of the collaboration with the hospital pharmacies. We have highly specialised and dedicated customer service consultants, who are always ready to support and help the hospital pharmacies throughout the country, with a smile on their face. 
We emphasise the value-creating partnership in our collaboration with the hospital pharmacies and we believe that developing jointly makes us the  leading partner, as we are able to challenge and help each other in order to deliver more professional solutions than the ones we offered the day before. 

Dialogue and digital contact

Most of our services are supported through our online customer service centre, which everyone at the hospital pharmacy can gain access to. We offer relevant and modern solutions that tie the industry, Nomeco Hospital Service and the hospital pharmacy even closer together, thereby optimising and creating as much transparency as possible in the supply chain and the opportunity for "help to self-help".

Rikke Skov Thomas
Key Account Manager & Team Manager, HospitalService
+45 2184 9500

Rikke Skov Thomas