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Borgmester Christiansens Gade 40
DK - 1790 København V
+45 7026 3016

Monday - Friday
8.00 to 16.00


Rikke Skov Thomas
Rikke Skov Thomas
Key Account Manager & Teamleder, SygehusService
2184 9500


Contact Medicinvagten

To provice acces to medicine 24/7 to the hospital pharmacies, Nomeco HospitalService, by virtue of Medicinvagten, handles timely delivery of medicine, so critical patient treatments are not delayed.

As a hospital pharmacy or supplier at Nomeco, you are always provided sufficient help to handle distribution outside opening hours.

Medicinvagten is activated after Nomeco HospitalService's closing time at 16.00, and is available during the evening and night, as well as in weekends and on holidays. Medicinvagten has different phone numbers, depending on the geographical location of your hospital pharmacy. Outside opening hours, you should contact your local number in emergencies.

+45 2446 6551

+45 7022 4293

+45 3614 2241

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