Our core values

We have three core values, which reflect our attitude and behaviour, and support our vision and mission. It is the glue that holds everything together at Nomeco.

Reliable Proactive Respectful


It is a matter of principles applying to both the management and the employees, and they are included in the yearly dialogue regarding development of the personnel.

Our vision and mission

Nomeco's vision is to be the best integrated provider of healthcare logistics.

Nomeco's mission is to secure, that the people we serve have timely access to medicine.

Our CSR-effort

Responsibility is an essential part of the daily business with customers and partners. Nomeco and the rest of PHOENIX Group play a vital role in the supply of pharmaceuticals – not only in Denmark but also in the rest of Europe.
This role increases the need for acting responsibly – and to the greatest extent possible measuring the responsibility. A three-part bottom line is used as a guideline, since Nomeco and the rest of PHOENIX group are not only obliged to show a financial responsibility, but also an environmental and social responsibility.
Therefore, PHOENIX puts a great deal of work in developing processes related to the company’s responsibility. The CSR-report is based on the reported data from PHOENIX group countries.