Despite being a Danish company founded in Copenhagen, still headquartered in Copenhagen, and with locations across the country, we are part of something larger. We are part of the family-owned German company PHOENIX group, which is represented in 29 European countries. This makes them the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler service partner in pharmaceutical distribution in Europe.

As a result, we have an international sparring partner, and we have close cooperation with both PHOENIX group and other companies across Europe that are part of the 'group'. We inspire each other, and we collaborate across departments to gain broader insights into optimising our businesses, services, and logistical setup.

Being part of a larger 'family' that extends beyond our own national borders means that we can gather a wealth of knowledge and experience. As a unified European team, we can create long-lasting services that provide value for our customers and clients.

Sustainability in an international collaboration

Being part of the PHOENIX group means, among other things, that we have an international perspective on sustainability. We work diligently to create long-term sustainable solutions that can be part of a future-proof supply chain. We do this both here in Denmark and across national borders.

PHOENIX group in numbers

  • 224 distribution centres in Europe
  • Activities in 29 European countries 
  • 3,300 own pharmacies in 17 countries 
  • Approximately 48,000 employees in Europe 
  • €47.1 billion in revenue (2023/2024)