In 2019, Nomeco unveiled a cutting-edge warehouse that marked a pivotal moment for Nomeco HealthCare Logistics. This state-of-the-art facility seamlessly amalgamated three separate warehouses into a single, unified hub, making it the largest and most technologically advanced of its kind in Northern Europe.

Boasting a remarkable capacity of over 60,000 pallet spaces, this warehouse sets the gold standard in terms of efficiency, quality, and security. It stands as a reliable choice for pharmaceutical companies and suppliers of medical devices and healthcare products.

Site ONE
Nomeco Warehouse Site ONE
Have a peek inside and see what the warehouse has to offer

Products for the entire Nordic region

Nomeco Warehouse SITE ONE is located at Idunsvej 3 at the Scandinavian Transport Center, in Køge. Our SITE ONE facility serves as the central distribution point for pharmaceuticals and related products across the entire Nordic and Baltic regions.

The location in Køge is also somewhat strategic - that is because its location grants us easy access to major transportation routes, and therefore allows us to have efficient distribution throughout the Northern territories.

A Monumental Investment

The warehouse represents the most significant individual investment ever made by the PHOENIX group, with an estimated cost of approximately 500 million Danish kroner. It is poised to handle pharmaceuticals valued at over 11 billion kroner annually.

Innovative Design

The warehouse's standout feature is its towering 30-meter tall automatic high bay, complemented by a spacious terminal building equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration and receiving facilities.

A Warehouse Fit for the Future

This facility incorporates the latest technology, ensuring that Nomeco HealthCare Logistics remains the foremost partner for healthcare sector suppliers, well-prepared to meet their future requirements.

Facts about SITE ONE

  • This 100,000 square meter building is home to a colossal structure, spanning an impressive 25,000 square meters – an area equivalent to that of three football fields.

  • It holds an impressive capacity of more than 60,000 pallet spaces, showcasing the sheer scale of its logistics prowess.

  • The high storage warehouse is operated by 16 fully automatic cranes

General Contractor: Max Bögl, which is a name synonymous with excellence in construction, led the charge in bringing this architectural wonder to life.

Architect: The creative minds at AK83 Arkitekter A/S have lent their expertise to craft a design that is both functional and aesthetically inspiring and pleasant.

Supplier of Technical Solutions: SSI SCHÄFER, a trusted name in the industry, has supplied the cutting-edge technical solutions that power SITE ONE's operational efficiency.



If you want to know more about Site ONE please contact our Director of Health Care Logistics, Søren.

Søren Vesti Esbensen
Nomeco HealthCare Logistics
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Søren Vesti Esbensen