Distribution Services

At Nomeco, we provide pharmaceutical distribution services for hospital pharmacies that purchase discounted products through AMGROS. Typically, these products are distributed through a one-channel system, where the supplier informs hospital pharmacies where to order their pharmaceuticals based on their agreement with AMGROS.

For other products, distributed to AIP, we offer a multi-channel system, allowing hospital pharmacies to decide where to place their orders. Our goal is to ensure that hospital pharmacies have access to the products they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Discount management

At Nomeco's Hospital Services, we are committed to ensuring the availability of products for hospital pharmacies. Through close collaboration with hospital pharmacies and Amgros, we have developed a unique order setup that allows us to efficiently manage the distribution of discounted pharmaceuticals.

In addition to our daily cooperation with hospital pharmacies, we also provide discount management services to help suppliers and hospital pharmacies manage their agreements. Our goal is to provide hospital pharmacies with the products they need while ensuring that they receive the best possible pricing.



Rikke Skov Thomas
Key Account Manager & Team Manager, HospitalService
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Rikke Skov Thomas