Easy online-administration

eLMK is a solution, that Nomeco developed to support the management and distribution of samples. Via the eLMK portal, the company has easy access to six different functionalities: ordering, approval, pick and pack, shipment, registration and statistics. The online tool encompasses the entire flow of pharmaceutical samples into one unified online system – it integrates and automates the process concerned with sampling. Using eLMK ensures a continual focus on efficiency, quality management and compliance to existing regulations.

Easy administration of samples

By subscribing to eLMK Pharma companies gain access to an effective and easy-to-use means of streamlining the necessary back-office setup that supports the everyday work of medical representatives. eLMK offers a workflow on samples that include:

  • Ordering of product samples by the reps
  • Approval of product sample orders by the sales team leader (optional)
  • Pick and pack of drug samples including mandatory labelling on each pack
  • Shipment of samples directly to each rep, directly to the doctor or to a central pick-up point
  • Printed sample requisition on batch level with unique product key
  • Sample simulation to help reps plan their visits
  • Registration of samples in a Cegedim doctor database or a company specific database
  • Statistics on handed out samples
  • Possible integration with existing CRM systems
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In the eLMK-portal you can quickly handle user administration and order samples.

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