Price Adjustments and New Medication Introductions in the Tender

As a manufacturer or importer, it is your obligation to ensure that Nomeco is promptly informed of any alterations in pricing and the introduction of new pharmaceuticals in the tender process. This is imperative to guarantee that your products are efficiently produced, acquired, received, and disseminated to pharmacies and hospital pharmacies nationwide.

Please make sure to fill out Nomeco’s “Master Data Sheet” with all the necessary details we need to prep your products for the Danish market. If you’re ever in need of some assistance, our Commercial Support team is just an email away at, and they’ll be happy to help.

Update Deadlines

New Medications: Please check the Master Data Sheet to ascertain the specifics Nomeco needs to be informed about. This information should be provided 13 days before the medications are listed on (the Tender).

Price Changes: Any alterations in the prices of liberalized and non-registered pharmaceuticals must be communicated to Nomeco no later than 13 days before the new pricing is implemented - earlier if possible.

Significant PPP Increases: In the event that the Pharmacy Purchase Price (PPP) of a medication surges by over 10%, a distinct notification is mandated (as detailed in the Master Data Sheet). This notification must be dispatched no later than Wednesday at 8:00 AM, which is 5 days prior to the activation of the new pricing.