Compliance is a key element in our daily operations - both within Nomeco and within the European community through PHOENIX group. We all adhere to responsible and compliant actions that are essential to our existence and partnerships.

In addition to the social responsibility we carry as specialists in healthcare logistics, respectful collaboration is also crucial for building a trusting relationship with our customers, clients, business partners, and stakeholders.

Our compliance policies establish our company's belief that corruption, anti-competitive behavior, and inappropriate conduct have no place in either Nomeco or PHOENIX group - and thus not in our partnerships. We do not tolerate violations of our guidelines, but if they occur, we act in accordance with our policies, conducting thorough investigations and imposing penalties if necessary.

Reporting of cases

PHOENIX group has established an online system for reporting cases. Whether you are a PHOENIX employee, Nomeco staff, or a third party, there is an option to report suspected violations of compliance rules or actual incidents anonymously.

The system is operated by an external service provider, and the identity of the whistleblower cannot be traced unless the individual agrees to share personal information.