At Nomeco, we are committed to consistently delivering outstanding results through our Online Customer Service Center. Our comprehensive array of self-service tools, assortment overviews, contact forms, and chat options are meticulously designed to provide hospital pharmacies with streamlined access to relevant solutions and information. This, in turn, guarantees a significantly enhanced workflow efficiency.

There are several advantages and solutions when using the online customer centre.  Here, you will find online guides, solutions and advice – so you do not have to contact Nomeco’s Hospital Service. This mean you will be able to save time and improve the service for both doctors and patients. In our online customer centre, we spend a lot of time handling all types of inquiries and we make an effort to answer all of them professionally – we guarantee a high level of service and good quality. 

Evolving supply chain

Development never stands still, and with input from hospital pharmacies, we will continue to be a guarantee for professional and relevant solutions in the future. These solutions aim to optimize the supply chain and support the work of hospital pharmacies in ensuring that essential medications are available to patients in a timely manner

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Rikke Skov Thomas
Key Account Manager & Team Manager, HospitalService
+45 2184 9500

Rikke Skov Thomas