Human Pharmaceuticals and OTC Products

At Nomeco, the Commercial & Legal Affairs department is tasked with executing agreements with suppliers of human pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs within the Danish market.

Should you be a prospective supplier seeking distribution to private and/or hospital pharmacies, or if you have inquiries regarding existing agreements, we welcome you to reach out to our Commercial Affairs team.

Branded Products/Over-the-Counter Products

Product Range Development at Nomeco plays a pivotal role in defining, developing, and overseeing the wholesaler's assortment of branded products, predominantly sold to Danish private pharmacies. For further details on our branded products, please refer to the additional information available.

Should you have inquiries regarding existing agreements or express an interest in entering into an agreement with Nomeco Wholesale, we encourage you to contact our Product Range Development team for assistance.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals

Nomeco Wholesale oversees the administration of veterinary pharmaceuticals for livestock and engages in negotiations for trade agreements with all suppliers of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Veterinary pharmaceuticals are categorized into two groups:

  1. Liberalized: Pharmaceuticals for livestock (species kept commercially for the production of meat, milk, eggs, honey, wool, and fur)

  2. Pharmacy-Only: Pharmaceuticals for pets.

If you have questions regarding veterinary pharmaceuticals, please feel free to reach out to our Commercial & Legal Affairs department for assistance.

Non-Registered Medicines (IRS) in Denmark

Non-registered medicines (IRS) are pharmaceuticals that are not available in the Danish market. Under specific circumstances, the sale and distribution of these medicines are permissible in Denmark, provided the necessary approval is granted by the Danish Medicines Agency. In Denmark, applications for this authorization can be submitted by doctors, veterinarians, and dentists.

Nomeco Wholesale and IRS Products

For Nomeco Wholesale to manage an IRS product, the supplier is required to inform both Nomeco and the Danish Medicines Agency about the entity responsible for its importation into Denmark. The designated importer must possess a Danish §39 permit (Wholesale Distributor Authorisation), issued by the Danish Medicines Agency.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Affairs department via email at

Distribution of an IRS Product via Nomeco Wholesale

If you intend to distribute an IRS product through Nomeco Wholesale, kindly complete the provided template. Nomeco will conduct a thorough evaluation of the product, assessing its market demand and verifying its inclusion in our current offerings. As part of this assessment, we will also review the product's pricing and delivery reliability.