We can advice you when it comes to interior design, remodeling and rebuilding. Deep knowledge combined with specialisation in providing optimal solutions for pharmacies, Forex has become the leader within pharmacy designing. By providing our own inventory systems, architecture, high-quality furniture and specialised consultancy, Forex will always ensure solutions that live up to every needs and expectations. 

Forex also offer commodity and store security, number systems, medicine refrigerators, refrigeration loggers, as well as many other highly specialised solutions for pharmacy operations. Additionally, they also provide consumption packages with bags, machine paper rolls, forms, etc. 

Space management optimises sales 

In addition, the pharmacy can get excellent advice on improved logistics and thus improved sales. With Space Management, Nomeco can systematically organise the way the pharmacy should be designed. It will contribute to improvements of product setup in the self-selection area and in the back counter - and furthermore, amend the logistics of the prescription.

Working on the basis of the parmacies' statistics and numbers, Nomeco always ensures specialised and efficient improvements. A review of the Space Management initiatives will take place on an ongoing basis in close cooperation between Nomeco's specialised consultants and the pharmacy. In the long run, this increases the pharmacy's revenue and turnover rate, offering the pharmacy a nicer product range, reducing inventory expences and improving internal logistics. 

Increase your revenue 

We have extensive experience from Space Management projects at a wide range of pharmacies. With our concepts, your pharmacy gets:

  • Increased revenue and turnover rates 
  • A nicer product range 
  • Reduced costs for carrying inventory and administrative expences 
  • Improved internal logistics



Claus Hammer
Director, Forex
4017 4030

Claus Hammer