"Leave everything regarging orders and inventory management to us and instead spend your valuable time with your customers" - That is exactly what VMI can offer your pharmacy. With the VMI platform, the ordering process happens automatically based on the individual pharmacy’s sales numbers and inventory stock figures. VMI is short for ‘Vendor Managed Inventory’.

A strong partnership

VMI is based on a close-knit logistic partnership. While the pharmacy excels in pharmaceutical expertise, we, at Nomeco, boast strong and robust competencies in IT, logistics, and inventory management. This synergy allows each of us to contribute with a diverse range of skills. Our VMI consultants don't just possess exceptional logistic abilities; quite often, they also come with a pharmaceutical background and hands-on experience from their time at pharmacies. Consequently, our business strategy takes on a deeply relationship-centered approach, underscoring the significance of a tight partnership as a fundamental element for success.

VMI: A strategic tool for most pharmacies 

Saying that VMI is a stratgic tool for the pharmacies is not just something we claim. As a matter of fact, the numbers speak for themselves, as it is evident that our VMI system improves several areas of your business - in particular, we offer a broader product range, reduced inventory costs, higher service level etc. These are just some of the benefits we bring to the table to expedite sustainable value creation.

Advantages of using Nomeco's VMI technology:

  • Your pharmacy will become more competitive

  • You can maintain a high quality level of service

  • Your logistics expences will be reduced, as these processes will be standardized 

  • You will have more time with your customers

  • Your pharmacy's procurement will be optimised - especially in relation to substitution

  • Your pharmacy is constantly at the forefront of logistical development, ensuring a complete solution for every individual pharmarcy 


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