Nomeco is a full-range wholesaler, delivering all pharmaceuticals and other products requested by pharmacies and hospitals. Our product range consists of more than 15,000 item numbers including 7,000 human pharmaceutical products, 800 veterinary pharmaceutical products and approximately 6,400 free market products, including dietary supplements, skincare- and personal hygiene products. Additionally, we have medicines called non-registered specialties (IRS) in stock, meaning medicines not approved in Denmark but prescribed by doctors with permission from the Danish Medicines Agency

Human Pharmaceuticals

At Nomeco, pharmacies will receive the market's highest level of service when it comes to pharmaceutical deliveries. Through a highly specialized procurement system and a focus on the suppliers delivery capability, Nomeco's customers are ensured to get the right pharmaceuticals on their shelves - even when the tariff changes every other Monday. Additionally, Nomeco's position as the only Danish supplier with both a warehousing facility for the pharmaceutical industry and a wholesaler, contributes to providing pharmacies with several advantages, including fast delivery of any backorders.

The current pharmaceuticals registered for sale in the Danish market can be found at, which is updated by the Danish Medicines Agency every 14 days.

Non-registered Specialties

Nomeco also deals with pharmaceuticals that are not approved in Denmark—either because they have never been approved here or because they have been deregistered. Non-registered specialties (IRS) can be prescribed by a doctor following approval from the Danish Medicines Agency. 

We have some of these pharmaceuticals in stock, and if you are one of Nomeco's pharmacy customers, you can find a list of them in the Service Solutions – the online customer center, which you can access via the front page of Nomeco's website. If we do not have them in stock, our subsidiary, Specific Pharma, will determine where they can be purchased and then procure them.

Kristine Sakstrup Haag

Contact information for human pharmaceuticals and ISR

Kristine Sakstrup Haag
Commercial Director - Wholesale
+45 2046 7591

Veterinary pharmaceuticals

Pharmacies have exclusive rights to sell prescribed pharmaceuticals for dogs, cats and other pets, and those products are also included in our product range. 

On the other hand, prescribed pharmaceuticals for livestock are liberalized, allowing entities beyond pharmacies to sell them. We aim to support the pharmacies offering veterinary pharmaceuticals, which is why we have all these products in stock.

Helle Dahl Mikkelsen

Contact information for veterinary pharmaceuticals

Helle Dahl Mikkelsen
Sales Manager 
+45 3076 5221

Branded Goods 

At Nomeco, our partners are guaranteed a dynamic and appealing assortment of brand-name products that evolve in line with market trends and tendencies. Brand-name products are also referred to as over-the-counter products, encompassing all items that are not pharmaceuticals and can legally be sold in all pharmacies in Denmark.

Our product portfolio is comprised of approximately 7,000 products which contains all items in the pharmacys assortments. In addition, it features an exciting selection of products, all within the Danish Medicines Agency's approved range ('positive list'), as well as various nursing articles.

We ensure that brand-name suppliers comply with the current legislation -for instance, by obtaining guarantees from the dietary supplement manufacturers to ensure that the products are legally registered. All of the guarantees can be found in our online universe for branded goods, where we have consolidated all our knowledge about our brand-name assortment.

Nomeco's online Universe for branded goods

With Nomeco's online Universe for branded goods, which is available on the Service Solutions platform, pharmacies can gain insight, knowledge, and inspiration for a correct selection of the right assortment. Nomeco's online Universe also provides a range of unique search options, allowing you to quickly find the correct products your customers are looking for.

The best service level on the market

We prioritize on ensuring a high delivery ability for promotional items. Simultaneously, we guarantee competitive prices and a high contribution margin to all pharmaceutical partners. The durability of the products is also top-notch, as we demand a minimum of 12 months' shelf life from the suppliers when delivering brand-name products.

Tina Skou

Contact information for branded goods

Tina Skou
Assortment Manager
+45 3614 2133