At Nomeco, we are ready to advice and assist you with everything from store design to renovation and new construction. Our team in the Forex-department are the undisputed experts in pharmacy design in this country. With our proprietary inventory system, skilled builders, architects, and designers, we are prepared to assist your pharmacy in finding the best solutions and bringing it to life.

In addition to our interior design expertise, Forex also provides a wide range of specialized solutions for pharmacies. This includes everything from product and store security, numbering systems, medicine refrigerators, to temperature logging devices. We also offer practical consumable packages with bags, receipt rolls, forms, and more.

Optimizing Sales with Space Management

We also think about how we can help increase your pharmacy's sales. With our Space Management service, Forex can assist in organizing and optimizing your pharmacy's layout in a systematic way. This means better product placement and a more efficient setup of the self-service area and the counter. Of course, we also help streamline the logistics in the prescription department.

the best part is that our Space Management approach is tailored to your pharmacy's unique sales figures. We work closely with your pharmacy and our consultants to ensure that we improve profitability, increase turnover rates, and simultaneously enhance the appearance of your pharmacy. We also assist in reducing inventory levels and handling costs while improving internal logistics.

So, why not let Nomeco be your partner in making your pharmacy even better?

Increase your revenue 

We have extensive experience from Space Management projects at a wide range of pharmacies. With our concepts, your pharmacy gets:

  • Increased revenue and turnover rates 
  • A nicer product range 
  • Reduced costs for carrying inventory and administrative expences 
  • Improved internal logistics



Claus Hammer
Director, Forex
4017 4030

Claus Hammer