Our sustainability agenda

Our focus on a future-proof business is a central and integrated part of Nomeco as a whole. We continuously work to learn and implement long-lasting initiatives across the organisation - and we constantly implement new workflows that benefit society and our stakeholders. Now and in the future.

But we are not working alone.

For instance, we are collaborating with our various suppliers to create framework agreements that make our workflows and processes more sustainable.

At the same time, we are part of an international group, PHOENIX group, which is the largest European pharmaceutical wholesaler and service partner. PHOENIX group also works purposefully with sustainability, and we prioritise collaboration across countries so that the goal of contributing to a future-proof supply chain extends beyond our national borders.



CO2 neutral
We aim to be a carbon-neutral company by 2023, meaning that none of our processes contribute negatively to climate changes. 

Procurement with care 
We want to source all our products and materials as sustainably as possible by 2030, based on a range of KPIs. This means that we not only consider price, but also other sustainability factors.

Common health and diversity 
We want to take responsibility for our employees' mental and physical health. And we want everyone who has the will and talent to have the opportunity to develop in our company - regardless of gender and professional and ethnic background. 


We aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment by using more recyclable materials and optimising our resource consumption.

  • Recyclable packaging materials 
  • Waste reduction and recycling 
  • Sustainable input materials

We strengthen our efforts in all business areas by using reliable data. It increases transparency in what we do. At the same time, it reduces our climate impact and get more stakeholders involved in the transition to become more sustainable.

  • CO2 mapping and initiatives 
  • Customer dashboards  
  • Renewable energy 
  • Optimising consumption

We aim to support the UN's climate convention - the Paris Agreement - by converting to 100 % fossil-free distribution. Additionally, we will optimise our driving and reduce the amount of air in our transport.

  • HVO, electric, etc
  • Route optimisation  
  • Load factor factor

Inclusion and diversity will help ensure better well-being, and we will focus on strengthening engagement and motivation among our colleagues. We will not only take responsibility for our own organisation but also inspire our suppliers.

  • Employment of vulnerable unemployed  
  • Women in leadership
  • Sustainability requirements in the supply chain
  • Talented and engaged employees

Focus towards 2025

We have made agreements with external partners regarding waste management, which will ensure better recycling/reuse. In addition, we are working to optimise processes to avoid waste and thereby reduce our waste volumes. Fundamentally, our focus is to promote responsible resource consumption and reduce our environmental impact.

At Nomeco, we use a lot of energy - especially to transport goods. Therefore, our focus is on continuously converting distribution to more climate-friendly alternatives and using renewable energy sources in our warehouses. To move towards that goal, we are also working to optimise our energy consumption.

We cannot stand alone in this process. Therefore, we actively seek collaborations with stakeholders who, together with us, will ensure solutions that can strengthen the sustainable transition. Similarly, internally, we engage our colleagues in the sustainability agenda, and we focus on creating diversity and high employee satisfaction.

UN's Sustainable Development Goals at Nomeco

We have screened all of the UN's overall Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 sub-goals. We have selected 4 overall goals and a range of sub-goals, each of which has a significant impact on our environmental footprint. These are the goals that we will focus intensively on in the coming years.


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 3 - Good health and well-being
We have a social responsibility to ensure that Danes can receive the medicine they need, and we support and strengthen our employees through an increased focus on well-being.

We want to play an active part in the future climate-friendly business community. We take responsibility for our emissions by trying to reduce them and by looking for new solutions that can improve our energy intensity.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 8 - Decent work and economic growth
We seek economic growth and technological development with respect for the sustainable development and our employees' diversity. We actively support equality and a safe and non-discriminatory work environment.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 12 - Responsible consumption and production 
We will promote future-proof solutions through our procurement and resource consumption and stimulate the reuse of waste in all parts of our business.

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