VBO Extra

The pharmacy can choose between Nomeco's VMI and VBO Extra, which is a more handheld option, where Nomeco's consultant processes the order from the pharmacy's own system. Both solutions have their benefits, and the pharmacy should select the option that fits their needs. 


Extra offers several possibilities

VBO Extra is not as advanced as VMI, however, it does give the pharmacy the possibility of entering the system and following the set up.
’Extra’ is everything that is processed in addition to basic logistics. This can be a custom expiration checklist, clean-up list and customized reports.
At the start of a new tender period, there are many tasks that need to be completed – both at the pharmacy and in VBO. VBO Extra can assist with search and order creation of small packages, distribution of various tariffs, review of special goods and much more. We understand the needs of the pharmacy, because Nomeco's employees, both in VMI and VBO Extra have many years of experience in logistics.




Vicky Willumsen Teamleder
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