The pharmaceuticals purchased at a discount by the hospital pharmacies through AMGROS are typically distributed in a one channel system. Here, the supplier can, through their agreement with AMGROS, inform where the hospital pharmacies can order their pharmaceuticals. The other products, which are distributed to AIP, are distributed in a multi-channel system, where hospital pharmacies can decide themselves, where they will place the order.
Nomeco's Hospital Service ensures the availability of products for the hospital pharmacies. In cooperation with the hospital pharmacies and Amgros, Nomeco has developed an unique order set up. Aside from a very close daily cooperation with the hospital pharmacies, Nomeco Hospital Service also helps with the management of discounts, as agreed between the supplier and the hospital pharmacies. Read more about Nomeco's Hospital Service.
Read more about Amgros and their tenderprocess.


If you want to know about our solutions within the hospital area please contact Nomeco HealthCare Logistics' salesteam.

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Business Unit Director Sygehusservice & Kundeservice

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