Good driving behavior saves the environment

"In Nomeco it has become a sport to run as long as possible on a liter of diesel. The record is now 15 km per. liter on average in a week," says Jens Leiling. He is one of Nomeco 77 regular drivers who every day runs medicine and other goods to pharmacies and hospitals from Nomeco's four branches around the country.

Jens has been a driver at Nomeco for 25 years and he knows which driving style that gives the best fuel economy. "It is important to be prudent in traffic, keep an even pace and example let the car roll if there is a red light ahead. And so it is important with a relaxed driving style, where no racing and overtaking all the time. Wind resistance is namely substantially greater at higher speed, and then it costs in fuel."

Jens and all his colleagues know exactly how well they succeed in complying with the rules of good driving behavior. When they start their tour, so insert the namely a personal card in the meter (called FleetBoard) installed in all Nomeco 40 vans. The meter registers everything about driving and sends a message to a central computer about how long the cars have run, how far and with what speed. Moreover reported diesel consumption and the number of stops, hard braking and idling.

Each driver gets a weekly driving report where they can see how they have performed and how they can change the style of driving in a more fuel-efficient direction.

And there's really happened. In January, when Nomeco began to install FleetBoard in the cars they drove on average 9.03 kilometers per. liters. It is the month of August rose to 10.16 km. Maybe it does not sound like much to 1.13 km more mileage. But since Nomeco cars driving around 1.9 million. km per year, so saving Nomeco year over 23,400 liters of diesel. This corresponds to about a quarter million. kr. a year.

It adorns not only on Nomeco's bottom line and CO2 accounts. It can also be felt in the drivers' bottom line: "In addition, there is a sport to drive fuel-efficient, so is the carrot that we have profit sharing. The drivers receive a share of the money we save on fuel, and it's certainly worth taking, "says Jens.