Electric car project comes to an end

Zero emission. That is what it says on the side of the electric-powered van used by Nomeco the last year. The Mercedes Vito E- Cell is a part of the NRA's Project Green Distribution. The aim is to develop more energy-efficient transport solutions. And as a reduction of CO2 emissions is precisely one of Nomeco climate goals, it has been exciting to participate in the project.

"It has been a wonderful car to drive. It is completely silent, fresh on the uptake and easy to park. Moreover, it costs only half as much per driven kilometer compared to a diesel engine," says driver in Nomeco, Esben Wolstrup. He has daily used the car and has also experienced the more unfortunate side: The car has a range of approximately 100 km on one charge, and this is insufficient for a logistics company like Nomeco.

As Esben explains, it's not working if he cannot return to Nomeco when he has been around pharmacies and hospitals in the Copenhagen metropolitan area. However, he has only run out of power once. It happened just 400 meters from Nomeco headquarters and spawned some funny remarks from colleagues when they saw the shiny new van at the back of a tow truck.

By the end of the year Nomeco will be delivering the leased van back with a thank you."It has been exciting to be involved in the project, and there is no doubt that this is the future. The technology just need a bit of improvement," is the conclusion from Esben.

Mads Lykke Christensen, team leader of the chauffeurs in Copenhagen, is very positive about the use of electric cars. "We think green, but we have to wait for the electric-powered cars to meet our needs. Today, an electric car drive only 80 km/h and has a range between 80 and 100 km on one charge. Moreover, the infrastructure around charging stations is not sufficient, and you cannot charge the van outside greater Copenhagen area," he says.

But as soon as technology and infrastructure is in place, Nomeco is ready to invest in green transport solutions, thereby contributing to a better environment and lower CO2 emissions. Meanwhile Nomeco keeps an eye on the NRA's two projects DYT ( Distribution in the outer hour) and 24T working for better solutions for green transport and low-noise supply.

And hopefully it will not be many years before there is enough power on the electric car batteries. The NRA predicts that the number of electric car models will increase significantly from 2015, where we will hopefully see a solution to the current problems, and the possibility of charging will be standardized and more widespread.

Nomeco and the environment is looking forward to it!