Price changes and introduction of new medicines in the tender

As a manufacturer or importer, you are responsible for making sure Nomeco receives timely updates regarding changes in prices and the release of new medicines in the tender. This is necessary in order to ensure your product can be created, purchased, received, and distributed to pharmacies and hospital pharmacies across the country.

Therefore, please use and complete Nomeco's "Master Data Sheet," which outlines the specific information required for Nomeco to prepare your products for sale on the Danish market. If you need assistance, Commercial Support is available at

Deadlines for updates

• For new medicines, see Master Data Sheet in order to determine the information Nomeco must be informed about. This must be done 13 days prior to the medicines being introduced in (the Tender).

• Price changes for liberalized and non-registered pharmaceuticals must be reported to Nomeco no later than 13 days before the new price takes effect - preferably sooner.

 • If the PPP (Pharmacy Purchase Price) of a medicine increases by more than 10%, a separate notification is required (as indicated in the Master Data Sheet). This notification must be submitted no later than Wednesday at 8:00, 5 days before the new price takes effect.