CO2 footprints reduced by more than 20%

During the past four years Nomeco has done an extraordinary effort to act more climate friendly and reduce CO2 emissions. The original aim was to reduce emissions by 10 per cent over a three-year period. But here, four years after, the goal has been met twofold as emissions have been reduced 20 per cent.

Nomeco’s CO2 footprints are measured in use of heat, electricity and the use of fuel for transportation of goods internally as well as to customers.

In 2012 emissions dropped by 5 per cent, and the decrease was primarly due to lesser use of electricity. This has been reached by installing power saving luminaries, automatic on-off switches in dead areas and other power saving initiatives.

Furthermore, Nomeco’s employees are becoming increasingly aware of turning of the lights and IT-equipment when not in use. Added up theses minor efforts has contributed considerably to the decrease in the use of electricity during the last year. Measured in Kwh the electricity use has dropped by almost 623.000 Kwh since 2011. And it is not only measureable in Nomeco’s CO2 footprints – it can also be measured moneywise.